Vishang Soni

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Vishang Soni

Saskatoon, Canada
Vishang Soni



This one is one of my recent work. I have been assigned to create front-end and joomla integration of the website. This is basically re-design and development of it’s old website.The Adviser (sterling publishing)

RPMOnlineRPM Online

I have been involved in development of this website. The website is build on joomla CMS. I have done front end development and joomla integration. It’s a responsive website. The sass has been used to create css for the entire website. RPM Online (sterling publishing)

Climb the mountainExtremepitalloydminster

Extremepita Lloydminster is a franchise of extremepita food giant in canada. This once page website is mainly build for promotion purpose of the franchise business. It’s a responsive website and giving an information to the user about available menu, location and social links to the franchise.Extremepita Lloydminster

Climb the mountainClimb The Mountain

Climb The Mountains mainly developed to show the power of html and css. The website is completely bulild on html and css. The shadows and other bacgrounds you can see are not images they all made from html and css.. Because of the website is made on html and css its very fast to load.

Boutique KCBoutique KC

BoutiqueKC is a demostration for jquery, javascript and php techonologies. Tried to make it elegant and nice looking as its based on bridal dresses.

Thumb3Local Shipping Company

Localshippingsevices is the website is delivering the small packages(parcels) nearer ares. The website is purely based on php, jquery and javasciprts which shows the how powerful these technologies are.